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We at Physio-forartists have specialized in accompanying and treating artists therapeutically. We are called into action on various events, shows and even festivals. Our professional background is Physiotherapy Teichmann in Bonn, covering a wide range of orthopaedic and neurologic aspects as well as in the sports medical field. We do have longstanding experience with professional sportsmen and -women as well as musicians.

Physio-forartists provides artists with physiotherapeutical and sportsmedical treatments on tours/ events / festivals. Beside classical physiotherapeutical treatments such as massages and manual therapy, we work out an individual training or rehabilitational plan with you and  accompany artists before, during and after the event. Moreover, we offer health advice on a general level for tours and other events.

We put special emphasis on individual needs and characteristic demands of the various professional branches. We are well aware of your need for privacy and treat you with the highest possible reliability, assuring you data as well as personal privacy. 





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